Saturday 27 May 2017

Garden makeover....

Hello! Happy Bank Holiday weekend :) 

Just wanted to share some photos of our garden makeover, which has kept us busy over the pass few months, now nearly complete :)

We felt it was time to clear out all the over sized shrubs and start garden all over again, with a few changes along the way...So love gardening & seeing beautiful flowers, but sadly it's been deleted over the last few years with my Dad very ill & then passing away.

Anyway here goes..sorry picture heavy! 

Before...June 16

Aug 16..Conifer hedge at bottom of garden coming out.  Over grown shrubs,  perennials & bird bath lost in there . also after this removed old dead tree and more from behind railway fence, did ask permission from British railway first.

March 17 ..4ft fence going up, so much lighter & seems to extend garden...feels so much bigger :) and gained about 4/5 ft for walled garden..Yay! more plants :)

May 17..Nearly complete,! Bench around corner and grass to sort out next..Lot's of new young plants to take care of now and once they are bit more established will look super :)

Changed patio shape with existing slabs from around garden to make more room on left hand side for table & the new sleeper edge, again opening up the garden to feel bigger. Used the bricks that was there from wall  to add height to bottom of the garden wall.

Now one big border from top pergola/decking area right down to meet patio area, filled with Roses and perennials :) on trellis, honey suckle, climbing Rose & Clematis. New path/edge, so plants can trail over edge, no more Lady Mantle killing grass  Bench still needs to be painted grey.

Pergola/decking now much more open,  with out hedge & fence there. Wall has been extended to go all way across bottom of garden now and great idea of Hubby's to add a bit of left over sleeper to make a sit :)

Hope you likely!

Enjoy your weekend, hopefully the sun will come back out again.

Thanks for stopping by :)


Sarah said...

Worthy of a win at Chelsea flower show I would say Wendy!! It hardly looks like the same garden, so beautifully done. You are going to have a wonderful summer enjoying the fruit of your labours xx

The Craft Bucket said...

Looks beautiful, great job. Love Jane x

aussie aNNie said...

Wendy what a beautiful make over, absolutely love this and the beautiful flowers all 'mix and match' in colour...Makes one feel good to see a beautiful show piece.xx

Margreet said...

Wow, love your garden makeover, Wendy! Your sheep and dragonflies look wonderful too!
xxx Margreet

chrissy xx said...

Oh My! How exciting! I LOve what you've done.
So much work, but, so worth the effort you have both put in along with your four legged friend over seeing everything. GORgeous choice of blue Wendy. It's going to look Beautiful once everything is established.
Thank you so much for sharing

Marlene Atkinson said...

Wow I love your garden makeover. There looks like a lot of work, but worth it. it will be gorgeous when everything becomes established. Marlene

Chrissy said...

WOW..well done you two..looks so beautiful. Love the new fence and the edging with all those gorgeous colours in the garden and 2 lovely places to sit and enjoy..


Lorraine said...

Your garden looks fabulous Wendy, a very pretty outdoor space to enjoy in summer
Lorraine x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Wow!!! Such a wonderful change!!! Great makeover, really you have a NEW fab garden,more useful and beautiful! Thanks for the lovely photos!

Viv said...

Fab pics Wendy - I miss my garden very much since we moved - but don't miss the hard work! Stunning pics. x

pam said...

What a beautiful garden makeover Wendy, looks so pretty.
Hugs Pam x

KraftyKoolKat said...

It was a lovely garden to start with Wendy but it is so much nicer now it has been opened up. Hope you have time with good weather hopefully to stay to enjoy sitting in it.

ALI said...

Wow I love your makeover, it gorgeous.

EmmaT said...

Oh its looking beautiful Wendy, worth all that work and sometimes we just have to get brutal on the bushes. Tea party at yours now then:-) Emma x

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Oh wow! What a fabulous transformation.
You've really opened the space up beautifully.
Love the paint job and all those pretty little flowers.
Hope you've had time to relax and enjoy it this Bank Holiday weekend.

Ella's Design said...

Your garden is looking lovely Wendy with such an array of beautiful plants - I especially love the purple Salvia and orange Geum combo, so striking! I'd love to do over our garden but have a lot of moving things round and hard landscaping to do first - I have a habit of changing the garden round more often than my furniture, so need to have a plan and stick to it!
Well done for all your hard work, it was certainly worth it! Hugs, Lisa x

Tammy said...

WOW Wendy, your garden looks amazing! So beautiful and peaceful, fantastic makeover!
Hugs, Tammy

Pat K said...

Wow..gorgeous garden make over Wendy. It looks so inviting. hugs, Pat K x

cotnob said...

Your garden looks beautiful Wendy, you have worked really hard.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Wow, what a bounty of nature your garden is Wendy! I hope you've had some relaxing hours in it hun. Absolutely stunning hun. Hugs, Wends xoxo


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