Saturday 23 March 2013


Hiya all...hope you are having a great weekend and keeping warm if you have snow where you are.

I have just signed up to bloglovin, I was not going to do this as from what I understand it's only Google Reader going on the 1st July and should not affect our dashboards or followers. I have never used Google reader, always have followed everyone from my dashboard. But as their are so many different things being said I have signed up just in case, a kind of backup. Also loved the sound of making up folders to sort blogs into, but at the moment I can not see how to do this...can anyone help. Also have you done the bit about claim your blog? When I added my follow me on bloglovin button, it already says 65 followers, is this how many of my followers that have already joined bloglovin and transferred over all their blogs they follow...hope this all makes sense, just trying to get my head around it all lol.. 



KraftyKoolKat said...

Hi Wendy

I have joined also but not sure I will use it, will have to see what happens in July with Blogger. To put your blogs you follow in different categories. Down the side of your list that you already have of your following lis it will first have a private box then it will have a box saying change group. Click on the arrow and a drop down menu will appear click on create a new group and type in a name you want to create - Challenges or Friends or Freebies etc. Hope this makes sense. Go through your list a click on the title you have now created and it will put it there. I have five groups at the moment.

Your followers are the ones that have already signed up that you had in Blogger.


Mary J said...

I've joined the band wagon as it's an easier way to view blogs. but not sure how much I will use it either but I do like the format of the daily feeds!

I'm following you on it now!

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I signed up just in case. I is the number of people who have already switched who follow you like me. Somebody told me it is only UK followers though, not sure why that would make sense. So much being said, but if I do lose everyone then will be able to use it.


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