Sunday, 22 April 2018

Would appreciate any HELP!

Hello...I'm feeling very frustrated here:(

Can any of my blogger friends help me please...When I look at my blog on my iPad & iPhone all my posts have moved over to the left over my patterned template design (white space in middle should scroll between pattered edges) but all looks OK on desktop PC and is still OK on my blogger theme page where it shows you what you have Live on your Blog... very strange!I  would really appreciate if any of you could  let me know how you see it and what device you are using...thank you in advance x Pic is how I see it on my Apple devices  No idea why it should suddenly 

Wendy xx


Jacki Daniels said...

ohh sorry chic don't own either so can't help hope ypu get it sorted (have you asked on facebook too? xx

Sarah said...

I use a Samsung tablet. Your white area is to the left and tiny and there is a large patterned area to the right. It's not just your blog Wendy, I have noticed it on others too xx

scrAPpamondo said...

So sorry! On my Pc your site is as always (But I have never seen your patterned template design).
Here there is "Responsinator", where you can see your blog from various devices.
I put your address and seems OK for all.
Try to change the template, the problem could be there...


Jules said...

Hi Wendy

Sorry to read you are having problems.

On my laptop all looks beautifully normal .. .. on my Ipad Mini it is as you describe except I have the purple design both sides.

Hope you manage to sort it Wendy.

Love Jules xx

Pat said...

Sorry have no suggestions Wendy, on my laptop your blog is fine on my ipad the writing is to one side and covered by your side panel! have you tried googling for any suggestions? Hope you can sort it out.

Pat xx

Lynne said...

I think blogger must be playing up today as on my phone I have to keep logging in to comment every time x

ALI said...

Hope your sorted Wendy, I'm such a numpty with technology.

Marlene Atkinson said...

Hi Wendy,I have been thinking about your problem, the problem may be the zoom in and out button. I sometimes hit it by accident and my page goes either smaller or larger. It maybe be that. I hope this helps. Marlene


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