Thursday, 22 March 2012


I am tearing my hair out here and feel sick with worry and do not know who or where to find out the answers to my problem.

Last night I deleted the and added .com..nrc/ on my google homepage at the top as I had heard from a few people to try this to solve the problem with no pencil to edit posts and now I seem to be stuck with a .com URL again and have the pencil back, sounds great but it is not.I am so worried as I seem to be the only one with a URL not ending in and can not get it back to how it was....oh why did I have to fiddle with it, especially when not not a clue, what it's all about.

Does anyone know who I could contact (can only see a bit to post a question for all to see) to ask if I have created a problem (not even sure if it had anything to do with what I did) and can you please let me know what you see as my URL.and can you still see me in your reading lists.

many thanks

A very stressed Wendy xxx


Jayne A said...

Hi Wendy

I can still see you in my reading list no problem and this is what I see in my browser when I visited this post

Seems to still be


Doreen said...

Your url looks fine it is doesn't seem to be a

Jayne A said...

if its any help when you search in google you show up as .com, but once you visit your blog it's

I searched myself and I am showing up in google as .com also and I havent made any changes


Teresa said...

Wendy you had me worried there for a second because I've just done the same on my blog tonight, however when I just clicked on your header crazyfor flowers it reads above in your url address so I wouldn't worry about it.
We will all get sorted out eventually but you are not alone loads of us have changed to .com tonight.
hugs Teresa xx

nnalorac said...

Wendy, not sure what has been happening as been missing lately but go to blogger forum, might get some answers there. is showing up for you on my computer. Looks like your not alone so hang in there. Carolxx

CraftyC said...

I'm useless Wendy sorry cant help but shows as I have wondered why I've no edit pencil but think I will leave well alone for now. Thanks for the tipoff anyway!!

Unknown said...

Hi Wendy, I still see you fine as well and I also see in the header.

I knew about the edit pencil disappearing but am not bothered enough to do anything about it! Lazy mare I am!


karen said...

I still got you fine Wendy and I can see hugs, Karenxx

Little K Smith said...

Hi Wendy
If it helps I can still see your blog perfectly well! I didn't even notice but my address has at the end too! :D

Teresa said...

Yours is still saying and yes when I go to my blog I see .com, now that I've changed it, (you can't see me rolling my eyes lol,) hope we have done the right thing lol.

Teresa said...

Hi Wendy (again)I've just tried changing mine back to .uk and it worked fine but I just can't get the pencil icon, so I've changed back to .com again.

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Hi Wendy, I don't think there's any need to panic, hun. For me, your blog is showing up as and you are still on my reading lost.

As I understand it, what happened is that blogger decided to add a country re-direct to blogs. So, we in the uk for example will now end in instead of .com (Australia will end in .au instead of .com etc)
They are doing this so that they will have more control over content from different countries, because of the different laws they have.
However, this has resulted in the loss of the edit pencil.
To get the edit back you can use the workaround of changing your url in the address bar to .com/ncr (the ncr stands for no country re-direct).
This is NOT permanent though, your url will revert back to at some point. (my blog goes back to for me when I shut off my comp and turn it on again etc and I think if you clear your cookies you will lose it)
Hopefully blogger are working on a solution and will come up with something soon.
Hope this helps.
Caroline xxx

Christine L said...

HI sweetie... you look fine to me... definitely And all the rest sounds too technical for me!! hehe

Christine x

Sarah-Jane said...

Looks fine to me Wendy. You are still

Sarah-Jane xx

Anonymous said...

You are still in my reading list Wendy and it still says so I think its fine!
Helen x

Anonymous said...

yay! your all sorted! adding the /ncr after your .com just gets your pencil back for while your on your pc and as soon as you switch off it goes again! so don't worry your ok! :)

Turtle In The Sand said...

Absolutely beautiful coloring on this one Wendy. Color Scheme is lovely too. Hopefully your blog is all sorted out by now. Looks fine to me. But I have never even used the pencil, so I am totally lost in your dilemma. Hugs, Linda


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